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Upcoming Events


We will be meeting at the Co-op Extension Service Bldg,  3245 College Avenue, Davie, Florida 33314. Meetings are the Second Monday of the month and start at 7:00 PM.



January 8th: Noel Ramos-"Best Fruits for South Florida"


February 12th: Har Mahdeem Topic: Choosing, buying, planting.... fruit trees


March 12th: Dr Alina Puig, USDA ARS, topic: Diseases affecting Theobroma Cacao, the "Chocolate tree"


April 9th: Dr Jonathan Crane, UF TREC, topic: " All about Carambolas" and also an update on Laurel Wilt disease in So. Fl


May 14th: Jason Long, Tree Amigos Farm, topic: Organic Gardening


June 11th: Summer Party?
July 9th: Alex Salizar, Tropical Acre Farms, toic: Mangos



Past Events

See who our past speakers have been.We have had many interesting guests who are experts in their field.
January 9th: Jorge Zaldivar - Topic "Guavas"
February 15th (WED): Chris Rollins - Topic "Fruits of Southeast Asia"
March 13th : Erik Tietig - Topic "Advancements in the Use of Miracle Fruit for the Treatment of Taste Alterations in Oncology Patients
April 10th: Noel Ramos - Topic "Coffee"
May 8th: John Coldwell, The Urban Beekeepers Apiary  Supply and Management - Topic: Beekeeping and  pollination benefits of bees
July 10th: Craig Morell- “The Kampong and its Role as a Center For Rare Fruits ; Dr. Fairchild's Role in Exploring for New Species and Varieties"
August 14th: Dr. Matt Snow - " Growing, fruiting and harvesting Jackfruit"
August 19th: CLASS Air Layering Part I by David Harold & Karim Rossy
September 11th: Marsha Eisenberg - "Heirloom Tomatoes"
October 9th: Open Movie Night TBD- possibly Seeds
November 4th: CLASS Vegetable Gardening in Raised Beds by Margaret Basile
Nov 13th: Dr Peter Steele - "Medicinal Gardening in So Florida
Dec 2nd - CLASS Vegetable Cooking by Margaret Basile
Dec 11th : Holiday Party
December 12th: HOLIDAY PARTY
November 14th: Mike Hechart- Wicked Mike's, Topic: "Hot Peppers"
November 12th - CLASS Air Layering Part II by Sal Ottenwalder at 208
October 22-23rd: FALL PLANT SALE
October 10th: Har Madeem, Topic: "Plant Nutrition"
September 17th-CLASS Hands on Gardening by Margaret Basile at 208
September 12th: Dylan Terry-Ready to Grow Gardens, Topic: "Grow Vegetable & Herbs"
August 8th: Julian Lara, Topic: "Mamey Sapotes"
July 11th: Harry Hausman, Topic: "Mangos"
June 13th: Party
May 9th: Matt Snow, Topic: "Lychees & Longans"
April 23-24: Annual Spring Sale
April 11th: Mike Winterstein, Topic: "USDA-ARS Miami Mangos"
March 14th: Jim Stribling, Topic: "Fruit and Spice Park Master Plan"
February 8th: Chris Rollins, Topic: "Success with Tropicals in South Florida"
January 11th: Noel Ramos, Topic: "Mangos of South Florida"


December 14th: HOLIDAY PARTY
Novermber 9th: Chari Blissett-Clark of Florida Bat Conservancy: Topic "Bats"
October 12th: Rob Carew & Rose Butman: Topic "Irrigation 101"

September 14th: Kevin Quigley of Criswell Farms: Topic "Winter Vegetable Garden"

August 10:  Jonathan Crane, topic “Myanmar’s Emerging Avocado Industry  with Tropical Fruit Tour"
July 6th:  Murray Corman: Topic "Tropical Fruits of the Carribean"
June 1st - RFVC End of Year Party
May 4th: Matt Snow; Topic: “Pitayas”
April 24-25: Annual Spring Sale

April 6th: Har Mahdeem; topic :Sapotaceae family (Sapodilla, Caimito, Mamey Sapote, miracle fruit, green sapote, Abiu)

March 9th:  Noel Ramos, Topic “the amazing Artocarpus fruits” ( Jaks and Breadfruits)
February 2nd: Julian Lara, Lara farms;  topic: Tropical Fruit Growers Assoc., various seasonal fruits TBA, Papayas, Black Sapote
October 6th - Farmer Jay - Vegetable Gardening
September 3rd - John Herring - Bee Keeping
August 4th - Har Madeem - Soursops and Related Fruit
July 7th - Whole Foods - Cooking with mangos
June 2nd - RFVC End of Year Party/Harold Morgenstern Birthday Party
May 5th - Rose Bechard-Butman: Master Gardner Topic: Pruning of tropical fruit trees
April 7th - Supreme Growers - Topic: Organic Gardening Products
March 3rd - Mango Movie Night - "The Fruit Hunters" featuring Bill Pullman and notable local Mango Kings
February 3rd - Dr. Matthew Snow - Topic: Avocados
January 25th - Crafton Cliff - Members Grafting Class
January 6th - Dr. John Pipoly - Topic: Update on extension service and current plant pests.


December 2nd - Annual Holiday Party/Potluck Meal at Treetops Park
November 4th- Jessica McLeary - Topic: Canning
October 7- Elain Farquarson - Topic: Tomatoes
Sept 9 - Harr Mahdeem - Annonas
Aug. 5 - Bob Brennan - Arborist, Fairchild Tropical Gardens - Tropical Fruit Tree Pruning for Hurricane Season
July 1 - Carlos Balerdi - Ret. Ext. Agent Miami-Dade County - All About Mammeys
June 6 - RFVC End of Year Party
May 6 - Erik Tietig - Pine Island Nursery - New tropical fruits and cultivars in production in South Florida
Apr. 1 - Noel Ramos - Puerto Rico Safari #2 Summer 2012
Mar. 4 - Adrian Hunsberger - UF Urban Horticulture - Tropical fruit tree pests
Feb. 4 - Marcus Thomson - Permaculture Miami - Sustainability: Urban Gardening
Dec. 3 - RFVC - Holiday Party
Nov. 5 -Chris Rollins, Fruit & Spice Park Director, Topic: "Tropical Vegetables".
Oct. 6 - Margaret Basile, Winter Vegetable Gardening
Oct. 2 – Dr. Richard Campbell , Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Senior Curator, Topic: Best Tropical plants/fruits for Broward
Sep. 5 - Tropical Fruits of Pine Island Steve Cucura, Owner of Fruitscapes, Inc.
July 7 - Mango talk by Harry Hausman
June 7 – End of Year Party
May 7 – Bill Mee - “ Lychees”
April 2 – Tentative - Murray Corman-“ Plant Toxicities”
March 5 – Gene Joyner- “Plant Doctor- Pests and Nutritional Problems”
February 6 – Noel Ramos-“ Tropical Fruit Safari from Puerto Rico”
January 4 – Short Movie: “Lychee Thieves” & Tentative guest from Battens Farmers Market- Agri-tourism Center”
Dec 5 – Annual Holiday party/potluck

Directions to our 208 research garden from Google maps

Saturday & Wednesday workdays
Murray is out at the 208 garden every Saturday & Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to Noon. We need lots of help out at the 208 nursery to prepare for our upcoming annual Sales. Members now is your time to shine. We could really use your help weeding, potting-up, propagating, etc. prior to our annual sales.

Improving our Horticultural Facility is an important goal for 2017. Activities such as weeding, repotting, propagating, recording data, etc. This group depends on all of our members, we don't have paid employees like some research facilities. It is very important for our members to get involved. You can be an integral part of this by volunteering for at least one of the following workdays, either Wednesdays or Saturdays at our RFVC 208 garden come on out we could really use your help! Murray is normally there by 9:30 a.m.


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